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Hello!  Thanks for visiting my online home.  Here you’ll find more about who I am, as well as an intro to each of the novels that make up my new multi-generational saga “Sinner’s Grove.” These stories will take you to a very special place on the coast of northern California, in both the past and the present.  You’ll meet quite a few characters, some of whom you’ll fall in love with, and others whom you’ll want to throw off the nearest cliff!

When I’m not working on my latest tale, I occasionally blog about topics that are stuck in my brain.  I’d love to get your reaction, because sometimes I’m not even sure about where I came up with some of the connections I make! Please visit often to see what’s happening, including notices of upcoming releases, promotions, and contests. Thanks again for stopping by.

A.B. Michaels


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The Promise - Available Now!

The Promise by A.B. Michaels - Available Now!

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2016 Best Indie BookThe Depth of Beauty - Shelf UnBound Notable Indie

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“A complex, fast paced, multi-layered story of love, betrayal, and human suffering. With so many moving parts, the suspense kept me on the edge of my seat.”

TheLair (1)

“What an exciting book! I did not want the story to end.”

The Art Of Love by A. B. Michaels

“Loved the feelings invoked by this book.”

The Art Of Love by A. B. Michaels

“The combined promise of romance and historical fiction drew me in.”

The Art Of Love by A. B. Michaels
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