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First, let me be clear about what I didn’t get: a contract with Kindle Press.  Nope, I didn’t get enough votes to have my novel, The Depth of Beauty, promoted by that entity.  Was I disappointed about that? Sure.  For a while at least. I put a lot of effort (or so I thought) into […]

What Does A Veronese Eat?

I love food (too much, it turns out).  And one of my favorite cuisines is Italian.  So when writing a novel based in Verona, Italy, of course I had to include some dining scenes with characters enjoying dishes that were at least Italian, if not precisely from Verona. I had to do a bit of […]

How Reliable are Memories?

I remember you … sort of The past is a province in a fairy tale, suspended in the midst of pain, beauty and freedom. It is a universe of mirrors and an infinitely arbitrary, yet exciting, itinerary of metamorphosis.                                 […]