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First, let me be clear about what I didn’t get: a contract with Kindle Press.  Nope, I didn’t get enough votes to have my novel, The Depth of Beauty, promoted by that entity.  Was I disappointed about that? Sure.  For a while at least. I put a lot of effort (or so I thought) into […]

Five Ways Novelists Are Just Like Poets

  A very good friend from my years in northern California is the poet Lauren Scott.  (lscotthoughts.com). We are both writers, but while she writes pieces with minimal words, I write full-length novels.  Not much overlap, right?  Wrong.  The truth is, long-form writers and poets have quite a bit in common: We both love words. […]

The Many Challenges of Writing The Lair

My latest contemporary romantic suspense novel, The Lair, now available for pre-order, stands on its own, which means you don’t have to have read my other books to immerse yourself in the story.  However, the main characters and part of the plot are connected to the other volumes in my far-reaching “Sinner’s Grove” series.  Writing […]

Yes, You Still Need an Editor … and here are five reasons why

[portions of this post were originally published as a guest blog for donnacookauthor.com in 2014.  Check out Donna’s award-winning fantasy novel, The Gift of the Phoenix http://donnacookauthor.com/book/gift-of-the-phoenix/ ]   I had just finished the manuscript for book number four. After going over it several times, I was feeling pretty darn good about my work.  My […]

When in Italy, Drink Like an Italian

My soon-to-be-released romantic suspense novel, The Lair, takes place in Verona, Italy.  Since I’m not Italian (except in my heart), I knew I had to bone up on all things Veronese, including the city itself (which I was fortunate enough to visit), the culture, the language, and of course, the food and drink.  So imagine […]

To Find a Solution, Just Rent a Goat

A few years ago several homes burned on the hill above where I live. The dried grass, shrubs, and weeds from the flat open space below the bluff served as a tinderbox.  That’s because the hill itself is very steep – not designed for conventional mowing or weed-whacking.  Lightning caused the spark, and the fire […]