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What Does A Veronese Eat?

I love food (too much, it turns out).  And one of my favorite cuisines is Italian.  So when writing a novel based in Verona, Italy, of course I had to include some dining scenes with characters enjoying dishes that were at least Italian, if not precisely from Verona. I had to do a bit of […]

The Many Challenges of Writing The Lair

My latest contemporary romantic suspense novel, The Lair, now available for pre-order, stands on its own, which means you don’t have to have read my other books to immerse yourself in the story.  However, the main characters and part of the plot are connected to the other volumes in my far-reaching “Sinner’s Grove” series.  Writing […]

Leaving The Waiting Place

  Fans of Dr. Seuss know very well the infamous Waiting Place described in his classic children’s book, Oh, the Places You’ll Go. It’s the state of mind we all get stuck in at some point in our lives—a time of  “in between,” where we think we want to move in one direction, but we’re […]