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Musings on the Depth of Beauty P-Q-R

P is for Paper Son No matter the time in history or place of origin, immigrants in search of a better life will go to almost any lengths to secure it—even if it means circumventing the law.  To protect American jobs during a slumping economy, Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, which meant […]

Musings on the Depth of Beauty J-K-L

J IS FOR JACK LONDON I inserted the novelist Jack London as a “walk on” character in The Depth of Beauty because he was a San Francisco native and is well known to readers today.  His iconic novel, The Call of the Wild (written in 1903) had already made him famous by 1906.  The novel […]

Musings on The Depth of Beauty G-H-I

G is for Guandong In the Depth of Beauty, most of the Chinese immigrants hail from Guandong province, and the novel touches upon the stirrings of revolution in China. Guandong province lies on the coast of the South China Sea in the People’s Republic of China.  Its capital, Guanzhou, (known to westerners at one point […]

Musings on the Depth of Beauty D-E-F

More interesting facts based on my latest historical novel, The Depth of Beauty… D IS FOR DONALDINA If I were naming a fictional character, I wouldn’t name her “Donaldina.” The name sounds as if a girl’s parents were totally bummed that they didn’t have a boy. Yuck! But Donaldina Cameron was a real person who […]

The Depth Of Beauty by A.B. Michaels

Musings on The Depth of Beauty A-B-C

My new historical novel, The Depth of Beauty is now out in the world (on sale for just 99 cents here!) and already it’s gotten great feedback.  I love the story because, apart from the romance, it contains a lot of fascinating material about the time period around the turn of the twentieth century. I’ve […]