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Three Things You Can’t Do Simultaneously

People talk a lot about multi-tasking and how the most efficient, productive people out there have perfected the art of pursuing several activities at once. But have they, really?  Apparently not.  According to recent brain research, multi-tasking is not only almost impossible to do, but it can actually damage your brain.  Check this article out […]

Musings on the Depth of Beauty V-W-X-Y-Z

Today I’m wrapping up my “alphabet soup” of interesting tidbits related to my novel The Depth of Beauty: V is for violence …and vitality Imagine up to thirty thousand people, living in a ramshackle neighborhood no larger than fifteen city blocks.  Population estimates vary, but generally, that was the case in San Francisco’s Chinatown around […]

Musings on the Depth of Beauty P-Q-R

P is for Paper Son No matter the time in history or place of origin, immigrants in search of a better life will go to almost any lengths to secure it—even if it means circumventing the law.  To protect American jobs during a slumping economy, Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, which meant […]

Musings on the Depth of Beauty M-N-O

During the course of researching my historical novel The Depth of Beauty, I came across scads of fascinating facts that I’ve been sharing over time. Here are a few more relating to Chinatown:   M is for Mornay Sauce To illustrate the shallow world in which Will Firestone lives, I begin the novel with his wealthy […]

How Not to Be the Literary Agent From Hell

Recently our local writers’ guild put on a one-day “Pitchfest” in which attendees like me had brief appointments with literary agents who’d been invited to see what talent they might discover within our midst.  I am indie published, but I’m writing a romantic mystery series which could be a good fit for some publishers, so […]

Musings on the Depth of Beauty J-K-L

J IS FOR JACK LONDON I inserted the novelist Jack London as a “walk on” character in The Depth of Beauty because he was a San Francisco native and is well known to readers today.  His iconic novel, The Call of the Wild (written in 1903) had already made him famous by 1906.  The novel […]

Musings on The Depth of Beauty G-H-I

G is for Guandong In the Depth of Beauty, most of the Chinese immigrants hail from Guandong province, and the novel touches upon the stirrings of revolution in China. Guandong province lies on the coast of the South China Sea in the People’s Republic of China.  Its capital, Guanzhou, (known to westerners at one point […]