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NaNoWriMo – Yes or No?

NaNoWriMo has officially started, and I signed up just under the wire to begin on time. I’ve taken the national writing challenge for the last two years, and completed it both times.  Both efforts spawned the nucleus of what became (imho) really good books.  The Art of Love won a couple of writing awards, and […]


First, let me be clear about what I didn’t get: a contract with Kindle Press.  Nope, I didn’t get enough votes to have my novel, The Depth of Beauty, promoted by that entity.  Was I disappointed about that? Sure.  For a while at least. I put a lot of effort (or so I thought) into […]

Seven Ways to Promote Your Book on Kindle Scout

  I am winding down my 30-day promotional campaign for my new book, The Depth of Beauty, on Kindle Scout.  That’s the program where readers go to the KS website, sample the book and hopefully nominate it for publication by Kindle Press. Here’s my link: The selection committee at Kindle Scout doesn’t spell out […]


Seven Concepts Writers Can Learn From Gold Prospectors In August I spent a weekend with cousins from Ohio who were visiting the wilds of Idaho near where I live.  We took an afternoon to pan for gold above the resort town of Donnelly, which is part of the Boise National Forest. No, we didn’t stop […]

Why Kindle Scout Makes Sense to Me …

…But Might Not Make Sense to You. Have you heard of the (relatively) new quasi-crowdshare program called Kindle Scout?  I say “quasi” because it doesn’t involve donating money, but it is all about reader input. Kindle Scout launched last fall, but is apparently still so new that many of the Kindle customer service operators I […]

Five Ways Novelists Are Just Like Poets

  A very good friend from my years in northern California is the poet Lauren Scott.  ( We are both writers, but while she writes pieces with minimal words, I write full-length novels.  Not much overlap, right?  Wrong.  The truth is, long-form writers and poets have quite a bit in common: We both love words. […]