I’m a native of California and have masters’ degrees in history (UCLA) and broadcasting (San Francisco State University). After working for many years as a promotional writer and editor, I figured it was time to focus on writing the kind of fiction I like to read. Honestly, life is so darn messy and unpredictable, I just want to make sure some stories end up the way they ought to.  But that doesn’t mean I won’t put my characters through the wringer. My series, “Sinner’s Grove,” pits men and women against forces ranging from merely corrupt to downright evil. But I’d say the greatest challenge for my heroes and heroines is overcoming their own flaws as they search for true meaning, and especially love, in their lives.

About eight years ago our family moved to Boise, Idaho and I adore it here.  Unlike California, it’s a four-season state, which means we get plenty of heat in the summer and just enough snow in the winter.  I’m a terrible golfer, but I love getting out on the course and whacking the ball around.  I’m a better bocce player, and we play in a summer league.  We fit our activities around traveling, which we also love to do. The only thing I don’t like about being away is leaving our two dogs, a rat terrier named Ziggy , and a (not exactly) miniature dachshund named Teddy.  They are my “posse” and follow me around the house, plopping down and sleeping wherever I happen to be (right now that’s the couch in my office).  Life is good for me, as I truly hope it is with you.